Razor The Racoon

As the sun began to rise over the forest, Razor The Raccoon's day started like any other. He awoke from his slumber in his cozy tree den and stretched his limbs, preparing himself for a day of school.

However, as Razor emerged from his den,   he sensed that something was off. The air was tense, and there was a strange energy in the forest that he couldn't quite put his paw on. As he looked around, he saw his sister, Bella, approaching him with fear in her eyes. Behind Bella, was Razor's mother's friends, only they seemed to have a sinister grin on their faces.

Razor's mother's friends tied Razor, Bella, and his mother up in the basement while rummaging through the den. Shortly after, the "friends" shot Razor and his mother in the head, execution style. Before they could get to Bella, Bella managed to escape and runaway. Razor's mother spent months in a coma before making a full recovery. Razor could not hold on and did not make it out of the den alive.

The story of Razor The Racoon is based on a true event. The rewrite of the story is meant to bring awareness to the violence that plagues our communities every day.